Sunday, April 22, 2012

poetic tarot reading w mama shango

for those of you wanting to add a bit of mystery to your flight on earth here, i am so happily introducing my poetic skills into a tarot reading.  my poetry can be read with this blog at mama shango.  all of my poems are encrypt messaging from the universe and these poems are not written, they are channeled (quite pleasantly might i add).  this poem comes from a Shaman journey and the clues MUST be followed or no more advice is given (unlike an angel tarot reading where regardless of your decisions the angels still love you).  Here's how it works, I channel a poem for you - the time frame in a shaman journey cannot be determined - and then you need to open your awareness to the universe and start watching for the keys given in the poem.  you keep moving forward and allow the universe to show you a story of your life and your next steps to discovering who you are.  the cost is $99 and the poem will be emailed to you once I receive it from the Infinite.

Groovy, right.
Love should be undamaging-
Mama Shango

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