Friday, June 29, 2012

Oracle Reading and Frequency Shift

For best growth from a personal oracle reading or frequency shift here are the most opportunistic questions: If I keep on this path what will I find happens in (ex: career, friendship, health, love, etc).  What patterns no longer serve me.  Where is my strength.   The Infinite knows no linear time so timing in an oracle reading can be dicey.  This is where trust must play into the reading.   Some events are simply not shown to me based on your own growth and you always have free will.  And when you make an emotional leap of faith after a reading this will shift the reading outcome, too. 

So what’s best?  Resonating with your very own intuition after I show you the way the Infinite sees you… yes, you will hear a plethora of predictions from me and YOU must gain trust in your own intuition to feel out which journey is going to suit you.   Highly entertaining and that’s what life should be.  The more relaxed you are the biggest you believe in me the more clear a reading will be to you.

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