Saturday, December 3, 2016


I will have Mama Shango Oracle cards available for purchase soon!
I am available for voice over work, including making you a personalized ten minute meditation. $50

Readings are now via FB messenger, skype or phone call. The cost is $99 for 20 minutes.

Thursday, October 30, 2014


This is Ruby Consumed.  I channeled her in with water-colour paints.  My personal drawing of your current spirit guide: $200.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

quality of self

I can feel that the currents of my relationship with (insert another person's name here) need to change.  Instead of saying that YOU need to change or that the other person needs to change, how about you ask that the frequency or currents between you two, the force that connects the two of you, change.  You don't enforce change by changing yourself but you can sense that the currents need to shift or lift.  You can feel deep down that your contribution in this magical life is how spectacular a solution you can find and that cooperates to make the end result, beautiful.  Your contribution is the quality (or the currents/frequency) changing.  Harmony occurs when you are the cosmos and the cosmos is you.  This completely lifts the pressure off of each of you and allows the Infinite to do its thing creating LOVE to flow.   Read this a few times and then take your mind to your divine place of quietness and ask your Infinite to shift the frequency between you and someone you are experiencing life with.

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

take time to do this

We are going to effortlessly create a sacred space so I want you to choose an environment that you work in, live in or someone that you would like a deeper connection with. Allow any tension that may still be in your shoulders, neck, arms, eyes, mouth to leave your body and as your heart to melt. Do this using your very slow and deep breathing. Make the breathe baby blue like a robin’s egg. Breathe out any areas of resistance and linear time. Any tension is on the out breath. When you feel entirely relaxed envision the space you wish to clear and make sacred. See it in all its details keeping your eyes closed and see the room or the person or the connection or your hobby or an undiscovered passion. Just scan it or them. Intend now that you fill it with the frequency of joy and first you must feel the joy and think of the beauty o f the earth. Maybe it’s an animal like a stealth jaguar. Maybe it’s the devotion of animals like a couple of penguins. Think of the glory of a proud peacock in pride. Think of Africa. Think of a rain storm. Think of lilies unfolding in the early morning sun. Think of the pregnant clouds. Allow this stream of beauty and joy to build in you. Maybe it’s the autumn leaves bursting off trees like rain of orange red and brown. Keeping your eyes closed imagine your belly button surrounded in violet warmth. And the violet light is growing and building as big as an orange, a grapefruit, a basketball, and then breathe in deeply and when you force your breath out, see this violet light expel and flood the area or relationship you want blessed. 

And blow out hard. Keeping your eyes closed blow out hard from your tummy where this violet light is growing. You are flooding the area or the relationship. Now be still and see the room filling or the relationship bond filling with violet light and it’s absorbing any grayness or dullness or density that may have accumulated. See the violet light penetrate all objects in that space. Or people. It is the cleansing of great joy. Imagine the most beautiful scene, a field of lilies standing in water marsh lands feeding their soil. As far as your eye can see fragrant tiger lilies. Breathe in deeply and slowly the wondrous fragrance and breathe in the sight of them, glories pink orange sunlight. The sky is blue above and the tiger lilies below. Breathe in the sight and the fragrance and this very moment of rapture that fills you will infinite beauty and love and then this time gently blow it out filing your sacred space. Blow…… or filling the bond that you want lightened with a person. See now the dawn breaking over snow capped mountains bathing everything in the sunlight breathe in the newness of the dawn with deep inhales filling your body down to your toes and you are rejuvenated and breathe in the quality of newness. And then take one big final deep breath and blow this newness into the space you want to sanctify or the personal bond. BLOW………………. 

See now a flight of geese at twilight flying south to a familiar pond to spend the night. They call encouragement to one another and they share excitement on their journey. Every time they take the same path, its all brand new again. They migrate in wonder. Feel the mystery of the twilight the stillness of the lake and as they settle in the early moonlight they begin to nest for the night. Breathe in the adventure and mystery of this flight and nesting. Until you feel it in your hollow bones. Yes your bones are now hollow and ready for light. Take in the deep breath of adventure and excited hope and blow it out gentle but very FIRM filling the sacred space or the sacred bond with someone. See it fill everything and everyone in that space. See the details filling. Intend that you now breathe into your stomach all the density that is left behind after these cleansings. All the old thoughts and feelings pull in deeply with breath into your washing machine chakra system and turn it round and round bathing in sacred soap. Keep bathing it until it is crispy white and clean. This is converting the density into useful resources and breathe it out. As you blow it out, it comes out like fresh ironed sheets because you are that mighty… Seeing an Ancient Civilization. 

Melt your heart. Ask the sun to start seering the spot between your eye brows. Start dancing in the sun and feel the heat growing between your eyebrows. Ask that spot between your eyebrows to grow bigger than your head. Make it a baby blue light and it grows as big as your head. Now leave your tribe behind, leave everyone and everything you know safely in their tent and walk out onto a cliff and ask that blue light that has grown from your spot between your eye brows to shift into a falcon. Then jump on the falcon’s back and fly to the sun. As you fly to the sun you shed a few layers of personality that you’ve accumulated over the years. You reach the sun and fly straight through it. As you fly through the sun a lot of debris from your life is burned away safely. Any grief around your eyeballs fades away gently. It smells like the sun and you are still on falcon. And he heads straight to the moon. As you reach the moon you become the falcon. You can feel your wings and all personality is gone and you are safely raw. Your claws land on the moon and you become dust. There is no time or movement when you become dust. You slip into a crater on the moon and just be. And as you breathe, you see your new city and your new body. 

Friday, June 29, 2012

Oracle Reading and Frequency Shift

For best growth from a personal oracle reading or frequency shift here are the most opportunistic questions: If I keep on this path what will I find happens in (ex: career, friendship, health, love, etc).  What patterns no longer serve me.  Where is my strength.   The Infinite knows no linear time so timing in an oracle reading can be dicey.  This is where trust must play into the reading.   Some events are simply not shown to me based on your own growth and you always have free will.  And when you make an emotional leap of faith after a reading this will shift the reading outcome, too. 

So what’s best?  Resonating with your very own intuition after I show you the way the Infinite sees you… yes, you will hear a plethora of predictions from me and YOU must gain trust in your own intuition to feel out which journey is going to suit you.   Highly entertaining and that’s what life should be.  The more relaxed you are the biggest you believe in me the more clear a reading will be to you.